In years 7 to 9 students follow a tailor made KS3 curriculum which provides a solid foundation for GCSE preparation. Students are taught in mixed ability groups and complete termly assessments to help them prepare for the demands of future examinations. 




English Curriculum Vision 

  • Every student has the opportunity to be inspired and interested in the rich variety of literature in the world. Literature is a fundamental part of our culture. 
  • Every student is a critical reader. They can understand a variety of texts and be able to make inferences. 
  • Every student has the chance to develop a lifelong interest in reading for pleasure. 
  • Every student can express their thoughts and ideas with creativity and accuracy. They can write and speak fluently and with good understanding so that they can communicate their ideas and emotions to others, and others can communicate with them.  
  • Every student can reach their full potential. Their English study provides them with choices and access to the next step in their personal development. 

English Curriculum Intent 

  • To expose students to high quality texts of significant literary weight. 
  • To introduce students to ideas and concepts that are new, and to texts that they may not ordinarily choose to read outside the classroom. 
  • To ensure that all pupils have a solid foundation for GCSE study and beyond. 

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