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School transport

Thank you for interest in our offer of providing transport to the Deanery.  As we grow as a school, we have made the commitment that we wish to support families who will find it challenging to transport their children to and from school.  However, in the first few years we will have limited capacity, but wish to be as supportive and flexible as we can.

We would ask that parents and carers consider being creative and explore lift sharing, an opportunity for meeting other families who are attending the Deanery is being made on 10th July at our induction evening.

Currently we are planning on running a minibus to and from school.  Obviously this has very limited capacity (16 students).  Should you wish to be considered for a place, please indicate your interest on this form.  

Please note there will be a charge associated with the transport in order that we cover our costs for this provision.

We will be in touch with you to discuss arrangements soon after half term (May 2019).

Request for transport

Request for transport