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IMG 2321

Looking out across the playing fields

IMG 2323

Playing fields before being professionally drained

IMG 2324

Roof showing where our photovoltaic cells are going to be fixed

IMG 2325

A view of one of our neighbours from the sixth form area

IMG 2326

The roof being reinforced

IMG 2327

The view before Hall and Woodhouse arrive

IMG 2328

Looking along the front of the inside of the building, this is the community entrance

IMG 2330

Me in my office May 2017

IMG 2334

The theatre

IMG 2336

The white vans are parked where the sportshall is going, so we are looking at the viewing gallery

IMG 2338

Heavy lifting required!

IMG 2339

Looking out of the front door

IMG 2341

Looking into the front door

IMG 2342

The coffee shop or

IMG 2371

Putting the last bolt into the steel frame - look how high we are!

IMG 2381

Andy Hamer from the Department for Education May 2017 (he is not so keen on heights!)

IMG 2400

Now famous as the 'purple building' May 2017

IMG 2536

Students from other DBAT primary schools visiting site and leaving their messages of good luck in the sportshall wall

IMG 3035

Izzy, Fuzzy and Elsa visiting the site in the summer

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