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Volunteering opportunities

The Deanery is going to be a brilliant facility for the community, not only offering outstanding education but also a range of high quality community facilities.  We will need the help of the community to make sure that these facilities are available as much as possible. We need your help as volunteers. Any body who volunteers will receive appropriate training for what you are asked to do. You will also receive discounted and priority access to the Deanery’s facilities.

We are looking for people with interest and enthusiasm to undertake the following:

Supporting within the Academy

* Listening to students read.

* Supporting the teaching of art, music and drama.

* Supporting the coaching of team games football, cricket, rugby, hockey, netball, athletics, cross-country etc.

* Running after school clubs: between 3.30pm and 4.30pm from Monday to Thursday will be an enrichment programme for all students. We want to offer as wide a range as possible, so would welcome volunteers with a special interest - anything from chess to stamp-collecting.

* Mentoring individual students.


Supporting the Community

* Staffing community reception – we will have a community entrance and office. We would like to have that open as much as possible but in the first year we will need to rely on volunteers to do this.

* Acting as front of house for the auditorium. We are hoping to put on a varied programme of public performances and will be looking for people interested in theatre and music to help.

* Stage lighting and sound. The Deanery will have light and sound systems of professional standards. We shall be looking for people in this area to help support the Deanery’s own productions and those put on by outside groups.

* Bar staff. We intend to have a bar to support some of our activities and will be looking initially for volunteers to help run it.

If you are interested in volunteering, please email us:

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