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The Enrichment programme at The Deanery has successfully seen all Year 7 students participating in a wide variety of activities on Monday through to Thursday each week. On Mondays and Thursdays, we welcome our external visitors to the academy and Tuesdays and Wednesdays are staff led. These are inclusive of academic, practical and physically challenging sessions. 

We have made a large number of links and partnerships with outside companies and individuals, inclusive of Prime Theatre, Pro Skills Basketball, Leadership Martial Arts, Youth for Christ, Fencing and Chess in Schools and Communities. We also welcomed in 2020, Wild Inspired, LAMDA, Matt Fiddes Street Dance and Pilates.  

In December 2019, we took our Chess Enrichment group to the London Chess Classic in Olympia, where students were able to compete against other schools in a National competition. We were really pleased with their success and two students returned home with a medal each from their age category. 

Our Fencing Enrichment on a Wednesday has seen a large number of students joining the external club which is run at The Deanery on a Tuesday evening. Neil, the coach, invited Points West into school, to televise how successful the club had become and this was filmed within the incredible facilities of The Deanery CE Academy. 

Prime Theatre have been working extremely hard with students during Enrichment, supplying them with the tools to become more confident as performers, which has led to several students performing at The Wyvern Theatre in substantial roles. 

Student quotes: 

I really like enrichment because you get the opportunity to try new things and explore what you may be interested in

Meredith - 7LMD


I love hockey! It is my favourite enrichment that I would happily do every day

Grace – 7LMD


I like Youth for Christ because you’re learning about God in a fun and interesting way. 

Emily – 7REF


We will continue to build new partnerships with the wider community and create further opportunities for our students, so that the Enrichment programme at The Deanery CE Academy grows and becomes a crucially ingrained and essential part of every student’s educational journey. 

Example timetable for year 7