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The Deanery’s school colours have been chosen and will be grey, purple and silver.

Uniform is an important part of The Deanery CE Academy: it is distinctive, innovative and aspirational.


Distinctive - We want students to stand out, feeling proud to wear a very distinctive and smart uniform

Innovative - We want students to be forward thinking, using their time at school to prepare for life at further and higher education and work

Aspirational - We want students to aspire to be their very best, demonstrating integrity, passion and commitment to their learning


We have chosen a supplier that will enable:

First impression of the uniform - We want The Deanery students to be seen as being smart and distinctive, both inside and outside the academy

Affordability - We want parents/carers to feel that the uniform is of excellent quality but affordable as well

Durability - We want the uniforms to remain looking smart and offer good value for money

Overall impression /credibility of the company - We we want to send a clear message that we deal with outstanding companies who have high ethical standards and support the distinctive Christian values of the academy


You can see the uniform modelled here:

DSC 0102

This is the summer uniform without the school jumper

DSC 0006 (2)

Girls and boys can wear the trousers or the skirt, all students will wear the jacket

DSC 0054

This is the PE kit

DSC 0048 (2)

The jackets have inside, zipped pockets

DSC 0046 (2)

The skirts come in different lengths for students of different heights

There are some really special features of our uniform:

  1. The jackets are made from 100% recycled plastic bottles - each one contains 31 plastic bottles in the outer shell
  2. Every item of uniform purchased has an anti-bullying message in it
  3. The students who modelled the uniform for us said it is comfortable and "they love it"!

Presentation and uniform guidance

All students in Years 7-11 will wear:

T            A grey jacket with embroidered academy logo

T            A purple jumper or sleeveless jumper

T            Grey trousers or a grey tartan skirt

T            A school tie

              A white shirt/blouse

              Black or grey socks under trousers

              Black, grey or natural  tights under a skirt

              Black shoes

T = items purchased from school supplier (Trutex)

All students in the Sixth Form will wear:

A suit or smart business attire (such as a jacket and appropriate dress/skirt/blouse)

All staff will wear:

Smart business dress, or smart, suitable dress according to their specialist area (such as sports kits or a Lab coat)

Specialised kit for participating in Physical Education

T            A reversible outdoor sport top                                                               

T            A polo shirt                                              

T            Long sports socks

T            Shorts/skort

Trainers – indoor/astro-truf

Boots – field

Mouth guard

Shin pads

Optional items will include:

T  Training trousers

T  Training top


Guidance notes – for the purposes of clarification:

Sometimes it is possible for families to purchase items of uniform in good faith and find that they do not necessarily comply with the uniform expectations.  This section is intended to help in selecting and purchasing items which are appropriate for students to wear.   

Jewellery may only consist of a watch and 1 pair of sensible earrings (only in the earlobes), no other piercings are permitted.  Bracelets should not be worn.

Nail polish and false nails or nail extensions are not permitted.

Hair must be of a natural colour and not extremely styled.  It should be without shaved-in steps, lines or patterns.  Hairbands should be discreet.

Belts must be black or grey and not fashion items, with sensible clasps.

Make up should be subtle and hardly visible.

Recognised religious symbols will be permitted but should be worn discreetly. 

Hijabs should be black or grey.

Shoes should be plain black, leather or leather type.  For Health and Safety reasons, heels should not be more than 2.5cms in height; canvas shoes, boots or sandals are not permitted.

The Principal’s decision on matters relating to uniform is final.

Purchasing our school uniform:

The link to the Trutex uniform page for the Deanery will be here and will be made live after families are informed of their secondary school places.

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