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We have added staff email addresses in the attached document.

Acting Principal

Mr Scutt - Acting Principal

Mr Scutt After completing a degree in Human Communication: Speech and Language Therapy and a PGCE I began teaching in Swindon in 2008. My first school was similar to The Deanery in that it was a brand-new school which grew year on year. By being part of a new school there were a wealth of opportunities open to me. In 2010 I was awarded a teaching award for Outstanding New Teacher. Since then, I have held a number of posts in several schools including being an Advanced Skills Teacher in an outstanding national support school; Head of Science and later Head of Science and Mathematics; Lead Practitioner and then a STEM Ambassador. I have also been fortunate enough to be a national winner in the Let Teachers Shine competition and was awarded £35k to develop a science website to support students, teachers and parents with the new GCSE. More recently I was awarded a further £35k to support science in primary schools with the aim to inspire the next generation of scientists. Outside of my teaching role I have been a parent governor at a Primary School, where I have supported its expansion from an infant to a primary school. I have two children, my wife is a primary headteacher, and I love spending time with my family and walking our dog.   

Assistant Principals

Our Assistant Principals are Miss Naomi Luckman and Miss Hannah Duncan.

Miss Luckman - Acting Senior Assistant Principal and SENDCo

IMG 8486  Miss Luckman

I knew from a young age that I always wanted to be a teacher and that I always wanted to teach PE. 

I graduated as a secondary school teacher of Physical Education at the University of Gloucestershire in 2005. I went on to work in several Gloucestershire schools as a Head of Girls PE, with a personal focus on raising the profile of hockey. My path in education then took a different direction, where I followed the pastoral route, working in two very challenging, yet rewarding city schools; in Bristol and Birmingham. My drive and passion in this area of education has enabled me to progress to become a successful leader of safeguarding, behaviour and welfare, but fundamentally first, a leader and teacher of all students, who have been given the tools to thrive and flourish. 

I am an avid sports fan and player, and I am very proud to represent Wales, having been part of the national team in the European Hockey Championships and the Home Nations. I play club hockey in the Women's West Premier 2a league and I love playing on our Deanery pitch against Swindon HC!

My other interests include the theatre, surfing, paddle boarding and spending time with my family.  My favourite quote by Joyce Meyer represents my daily mind-set of determination, self-trust and positive affirmations: 

Having a rough day? Place your hand over your heart.  Feel that? That’s called purpose. You’re alive for a reason. Don’t give up.




Heads of Department

Sarah Stewart - Head of Religious Education

Subject Leaders

Mr Richard Fouracre - Leader of Physical Education

Miss Emma Pickles - Leader of Art, Design and Technology

Mrs Natalie Chapman - Leader of Humanities and Values in Practice

Teaching Staff

Mrs Samantha Heron - Teacher of English

Mrs Amber Davies - Transtition teacher

Miss Emily Weston - Transition teacher

Mrs Laura Dossett - Teacher of Modern Foreign Langueges

Mr Matthew Oldroyd - Teacher of Modern Foreign Languages

Miss Cassie Newland - Teacher of Physical Education and Dance

Miss Jessica Boutlon - Teacher of Geography

Miss Jaime Cooke - Teacher of History

Mr Harry Holder - Teacher of music

Head of House

Mrs Natalie Chapman - Head of Talbot House (Year 7)

Head of Year 8

Mrs Siobhan Haynes - Teacher of Physical Education

Teaching Assistants

Mrs Tracy Fisher - HLTA

Mrs Rachael Bailey - TA and Attachment Champion

Miss Michelle Loxley - TA and Dyslexia Champion

Miss Jemima Douglas - TA

Mr Floyd Smith - TA

Mrs Shweta Fernandes - TA

Mr Leon Foster - Wellbeing Support Assistant 


Mr Jeyson Quivetto - Estates Manager

Mrs Wendy Tilbury - Cleaning Supervisor

Mrs Melisssa -Covey Dunmore - Cleaner

Mr Manuel Gomes - Cleaner

Mrs Zuzana Kleberc - Cleaner


Mr Chris Gilroy - Finance Assistant


Designated Safeguarding Lead - Miss Naomi Luckman

Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead - Mrs Kelly Matthews

Support Staff

Ms Vickey Evans - Business Support Coordinator

Miss Melissa May - Receptionist

Mrs Kelly Matthews - Student Support Worker

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