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Vision, Ethos & Values

This is a new educational approach for a school - which will be unique in the Swindon area. 

There is a blend of rigorous academic programme with a focus on the whole child and outstanding opportunities in sports, leadership, and the creative and performing arts. 

Through these activities girls and boys will learn key life skills such as communication, exploration, discernment and perseverance.

Values are at the heart of everything we do. They include hope, respect and love. 

In line with the Church of England education strategy we promote an education that allows children, young people and adults to live out 'life in all its fullness'. 

We believe this to be an education which enables every person to flourish in the widest sense.  It will help them to:

  • grow in wisdom
  • cultivate a wide-ranging knowledge that will help broaden life chances
  • develop spiritual, intellectual and emotional resources
  • nurture character to live well together in a community.

Although the Deanery CE Academy has a religious designation it is not a school only for Christians but rather a Christian school for everyone.  

Each student who joins us will be valued equally whatever their belief, background or culture.  In order to help the students understand and conceptualise our vision, we have developed the Alive model which encapsulates the vision.

All staff will use the Alive model in the following places:

  • Registration and tutor time, in conjunction with fortnightly themes;
  • In tutor worship;
  • Using our rewards system to recognise when students have demonstrated aspects of Alive;
  • Referring positively to the model when using behaviour management techniques;
  • In meetings with parents, outside agencies and each other.

Alive model