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Assessment and Reporting

At The Deanery we believe that above all else, assessment should be three things:

  • Assessment for Learning- The principle role of assessment is supporting learners to make outstanding progress. Assessment informs parents, learners and teachers where a learner is in their learning, where they should be able to get to, and how to travel along a learning journey to ensure this happens. We do not do assessments for the sake of assessment- we do it to gain a better understanding of what our students know, what they don’t know and we make a plan to inform our teaching and students’ learning going forward. Our assessment model is designed to embed this understanding within our learners as they strive to accelerate their progress.

  • Assessment encompasses much more than examinations. Assessment is continuous, it happens every day and in every lesson to help our learner’s improve. It is questioning, homework tasks, milestone activities, in-class work (‘live marking’), and yes, there is also examinations that make that up.

  • As with everything we do at The Deanery, it is informed by the most up to date, cutting edge educational research. 

Click here for 2021/22 End of Year Exam/GL Assessment Timetable

The slides from our Assessment, Reporting and Progress information evening can be found here.

The recording of the event can be accessed below.