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Student Remote Learning 2021

DCEA Remote Learning Guide 2021

  • For the latest ZOOM codes, please visit the STUDENT REMOTE LEARNING area in TEAMs or email code of conduct and support sheet - click here
  • If you have Independent Study, please choose from the following activities:
    • Hegarty Maths -
    • Accelerated Reader
    • Times Tables Rockstars
    • Select a task from the 'Independent Learning Tasks' folder in TEAMs. In the folder there are English, Maths, Science and Wellbeing tasks that can be completed. 
    • Select and complete a CREST Award activity If you have not completed an award previously, you should start by completing a Bronze award. It is free to access the activities, but if you wish to complete the full award you will need to complete all of the necessary paper work and return the The Deanery so that we can mark and assess it. 

If you have forgotten your login details for Microsoft 365, please email and your password will be reset. This note that this can take up to 24 hours to reset.


If you child is self-isolating, please also click here for further details. 

Supporting Anxiety and Wellbeing



How to access our online resources: 

How to use TEAMS - a student video

Video 1: Accessing your Academy Email



Video 2: Accessing TEAMS



Video 3: Completing a online Quiz



Video 4: Using Word



Video 5: Using PowerPoint


Other useful videos: 


Frequently Asked Questions:   

How do I access a teacher zoom lesson?

You will need to login to your Microsoft account. This can accessed by clicking here or by entering Microsoft Teams in a google search. 

Once in TEAMs:

1) Go to your year groups 'Remote Learning' team.

2) Click 'files' in the top menu bar.

3) Select and open the file 'Zoom Codes'.

4) Go to

5) Enter the meeting ID and passcode.

6) When you first login, you will be in a waiting room. Ensure that your camera is on and that you set your username to your student name, so that your teacher can quickly take the register. 


What do I do if I forget my password?

Please email 



Year 7


Year 8 




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