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Transition 2020

Transition Evening 

Thank you to everyone that attended our virtual Transition Evening. We are really looking forward to meeting you all in September. 

Click here to access the Tutor Transition PowerPoint

Click here to the MyEd video 

Lip Sync

Over the past few months we have been preparing for September and have managed to appoint a number amazing new members to our team. We would like to introduce our current and new members of staff via our exciting lips sync.

Messages from our Year 7 Students

Family Quiz

Welcome to our Deanery Staff Quiz!

It gives us great pleasure to welcome our new year 7s and their families. We are all really excited about welcoming you in September and you being part of the next stage of our amazing journey!

How does the quiz work?

Over the past few weeks our team of staff have come up with three questions, linked to their subject areas. They have then videoed themselves and I have put them all together for you. 

You may recognise a number of the staff, but we are also very lucky to have videos from many of our new staff members too, who will also being starting with us in September.

As you play the video, please feel free to go at your own pace and write down your answers on a piece of paper. At the end of the quiz, check your answers against the official answers below. 

Also, remember to let us know how you get on by sending us a tweet (include AP_Deanery in your tweet).

We hope you enjoy the quiz and good luck!

For the answers to the quiz, click here


Do you think you now know our team? Why not test your knowledge using our crossword (click here to download). 

Answers for crossword (download here)

Rainbow Activity

Looking after your mental well being is always important...but especially so at the moment. It is important to think about positives and negatives and what you can do to improve the balance in your life. Thinking about things that worry or concern you is not a bad fact talking to someone will make you feel better and you can think about ways to move forward together. 

Please take some time to complete this is to get you thinking about what is going on in your head- afterwards share it with someone else; they might be able to help you add to it too! There are two Rainbows; one has the questions and some suggestions on and then there is a blank version for you to complete with your personal thoughts- maybe you can decorate it too. 



We would love you to make us some bunting and bring it with you in September. This is an activity that would help us to get to know you and will also make our tutor bases look amazing. You can use the template below or be creative and come up with your own design.   


Do you have any questions?

If you have any questions that we have not covered in our transition pack or via the website, please email