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Home Study - Term 6 Projects

For our final half-term of the academic year, we are changing the format of our home study work. Over the next seven and a half weeks, we will be looking at our Earth and each week our teachers are setting work based on a different continent. Our first project is about Africa.

What happens each week?

  • Every Monday morning you will be invited to a Zoom meeting with a teacher (usually your tutor). In that meeting we will introduce you to the various tasks that you need to complete during the week. (Login codes will be sent out to you).
  • After assembly on Wednesday morning you will have the opportunity to meet with your tutor or another member of staff to ask any questions and share your thoughts and ideas with the other students in your tutor group about the week’s project. 
  • Finally, every Friday we will host a Zoom meeting where you will be able to share your work. This can be done by emailing your work or photographs of your work to your tutor before the meeting, or by holding up your work and talking the group through what you have done and most importantly what you have learnt.

Your attendance at these meetings will be recorded and you will each receive one ALIVE point for each meeting that you attend. You can also earn additional ALIVE points for sharing your work, producing high quality work and thinking creatively about the tasks that are set. 

Please also share examples of your work on Twitter. Just use the #DeaneryProjects and remember to tag in @AP_Deanery. 

Week 1

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Tutor presentation - download here.

Test your knowledge using our WEEKLY QUIZ


Do I need to do every task?

The tasks are designed so that there is overlap between a number of subjects, so that you will use knowledge and skills from a range of different subject areas. If you have a passion and interest in a particular area, then please do spend more time on that piece of work but try and complete a range of different tasks.


How long should I spend on all of the tasks?

You should try to keep to spending the number of hours you would usually work in school. You do not have to try and complete everything so that it means that you are working from 8.00 a.m. until 10.00 p.m., for instance. You should continue to maintain a good balance between school work and hobbies/interests that help you relax.


What should I do about Maths and PE?

You should continue to use Hegarty Maths. Ideally you should try and login daily for at least 20-30 minutes. In terms of PE, we would encourage you to continue to remain active via your daily exercise outside, taking part in the PE Challenges or joining in with Joe Wicks that will continue to be shared. Also, please continue to share your selfies by using Twitter or emailing the PE team. 




What do I do it I do not have access to a computer?

We can send out the task sheets to you each week, if you can not access them. Please email to request a copy. During the week, you can use other resources to help you complete the tasks including watching relevant television programmes, books and magazines.


Who do I need to send my work to? Do I need to send all my work?

You should share your best pieces of work with your tutor. You can email your work prior to the 'Reflection and Celebration' meeting on Friday or share during the meeting, by holding up your work and talking about it. 


Where should I complete the work? What happens if I need a new exercise book?

You can complete the work in your exercise book or in a media of your choice. We would like to display your work around The Deanery, when you return! If you require an additional exercise book, you should email us to arrange to collect one from school, or any A4 exercise book would be fine from any shop


Do I need to attend all of the zoom meetings? Do I need anything?

You will earn one ALIVE point for every meeting that you attend and so you are encouraged to attend all meetings, if possible. If you are unable to attend a meeting, a video will be produced each week to explain the different tasks. You can bring a piece of paper and a pen to make notes, if you wish. If