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Drama at The Deanery is a very popular subject with students. It offers a varied and exciting curriculum that develops students’ confidence and equips them with the tools to be expressive with their imagination. 

Students are taught to communicate their ideas verbally and work either individually or with their peers, to devise and create performances on specific topics or units of work. Students will cover units inclusive of Performance – The Island, Shadowfall, The Wizard of Oz and Shakespeare, Puppetry – comedy and script writing, and Technical Theatre – lighting, sound, filming, costume and make-up.

In Year 7 and 8, the focus is on Drama and Physical Theatre. Students will experience creating, performing and spectating. As the students continue through their secondary journey, they will visit professional workshops, residences and shows and produce quality annual productions themselves. There will also be timetabled enrichment lessons leading to public performances and continued links with Prime Theatre, LAMDA and Bath Spa University. 

It would also be really exciting to run primary school workshops for Years 5 and 6 in Drama, with opportunities to perform in our shows.

Knowledge Organisers

Year 7 Knowledge Organiser

Year 8 Knowledge Organiser (to follow)

Year 9 Knowledge Organiser (to follow)

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