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Physical Education


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Our intention is to:

‘Embed Physical Literacy and promote lifelong participation for all’

and within that, through a student-centred curriculum ensure our students have the Confidence, Motivation, Knowledge and Understanding, Competence and Responsibility to continue to peruse participation in physical activity at all levels.

Key Stage 3:

In Year 7, students will participate in a broad range of activities, including Invasion Games, Net & Wall Games, Outdoor Education, Health Related Exercise, Gymnastic Activities, Striking & Fielding Games and Athletics. Each of these activities have been selected with the National Curriculum, our high quality facilities, local/ national participation rates, pathways to further participation and student engagement considered in order for staff and students to begin making more bespoke decisions about curricula going forward. 

Activities will be delivered in varying durations, to maximise the potential for both breadth and depth in student experience and learning as we explore the various roles available within lifelong participation: player, coach, official and beyond. Year 9 students will have an increasing role in the design process, having further developed their Physical Literacy and more specifically their Knowledge and Understanding and Responsibility skills enabling them to make more powerful decisions about how they engage in Physical Activity and Physical Education.

By the end of Year 9, we endeavour to have developed empowered students who understand the ever growing importance of participation in Physical Activity, who are equipped physically, psychologically and socially, and have clear pathways to do so whether academically, vocationally or recreationally.

An exemplar Year 7 Curriculum is shown below:

Screenshot 2020 05 18 at 17.15.10

Key Stage 4:

In Year 10, students will have further opportunity to make decisions about how they participate in Physical Activity and Physical Education. In ‘Core’ PE, we will continue to apply our student centred approach and in addition ‘Option’ PE will offer qualifications tailored to the needs of our learners as they emerge as part of a strategy to recognise student achievement in Physical Education and begin students pursuit of careers in the many facets of the working world.

By the end of Year 11, we endeavour to have sustained and further developed student engagement in Physical Activity, with increasing experience and reflection upon the benefits of participation as they progress in their lives and for what we hope is an increasing number, achieve qualifications that will be the start of students journeys as they become the athletes, coaches, analysts, officials, etc. of the future.


Our Enrichment offer will with provide opportunities for further participation in Physical Activity and in addition, enable students to achieve qualifications and compete in School Sport. Students will be encouraged and supported to apply their skills and qualities developed in PE lessons both within and beyond school in appropriately challenging contexts and in doing so represent the PE Department and wider school community. 

Students will have opportunities to participate in teams within their tutor groups to participate in a range of ‘Inter-House’ activities and within the entire school as we enter into Inter-School competitions within Swindon and beyond, as appropriate. In addition students will be able to achieve qualifications that recognise the development of broader skills through completion of coaching/ leadership awards.

Experiences/ Trips:

Our Experiences/Trips offering will serve two purposes: to further inspire lifelong participation; and provide opportunities to attend activities and events not typically available in the local area. Students may take an increasingly active role in these through attendance on the day or residential trips at external Physical Activity providers, or develop their knowledge and understanding, confidence and motivation through engagement with speakers or visits to other external sites.