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Art and Design at The Deanery offers a broad and exciting curriculum that develops students' confidence and ability to explore ideas and produce imaginative visual outcomes to projects.  

At key stage 3, students develop the skills and knowledge to communicate their ideas visually. Students are taught a basic art vocabulary as they begin to manipulate the formal elements of line, tone, form, shape, colour, texture and tone with growing confidence. Drawing skills are taught as a means of recording, expressing and experimenting. All students keep a sketchbook in which they record ideas, experimentation with materials and techniques and contextual research. 

Students have the opportunity to work in a wide range of media and practices including; drawing and painting, collage, printmaking and new media. All year group’s study past and present artists, craftspeople and designers whose work is relevant to their practical project.

The Deanery Art and Design department aims:

·       To create curiosity, interest and enjoyment in art

·       To enable pupils to pursue the subject to the highest possible level

·       To encourage independent learning and self-discipline

·       To enhance and enrich learning, including making links to the wider curriculum

·       To enable pupils to make the most of their abilities and develop the qualities seen in our Alive model

·       To recognise the role of art as an evaluation of personal experience

·       To recognise the role of art in the creative and cultural industries




Year 7

Year 8

Year 9

Term 1

Introduction to Drawing


‘Insects and Mini Beasts’ project 

‘Our Hands’ project

‘Through My Eyes’ project

Term 2

‘Insects and Mini Beasts’ continued


Fauvist Portraits

‘Our Hands’ – continued


‘Food Glorious Food!’ project

‘Man v.s Nature’ project

Term 3

Fauvist Portraits continued


Exploring Typography

‘Food Glorious Food!’ continued


Photography project

Introduction to GCSE mini project of choice



The enrichment programme at The Deanery Academy offers students a chance to explore new practices and strengthen their knowledge within a variety of disciplines in Art and Design.  So far, the Art and Design department has offered:

  • Photography – Students have had the opportunity to learn about and practice key techniques within Photography. They entered The Young Photographer Competition run by The Rotary Club, where two of our students gained first and third place in the intermediate category and received their prizes from our local mayor at the council offices.
  • Art Hub- This enrichment gives students the chance to explore different Art media and techniques to those studied in timetabled lessons, allowing them to develop their own art and design practice further. Students have explored the work of new artists and tried their hand at printmaking. All artwork produced will be submitted for our annual Creative Arts Exhibition.
  • Upcycling – Students have the opportunity to reuse and recycle materials from the schools build. Cable reels have creatively been turned into tables and wooden pallets now stand as various pieces of outdoor furniture. All upcycled furniture will be placed around the school site for everyone to use and enjoy. 

Knowledge Organisers

Year 7 Knowledge Organisers

Year 8 Knowledge Organisers 

Year 9 Knowledge Organisers (to follow)

Curriculum Map

Key resources and websites 


Student Art Guide

GCSE Bitesize Art and Design 


Galleries and Museums


National Portrait Gallery, London 

Victoria & Albert, London 

The Holburne Museum, Bath 

Arnolfini, Bristol 

Royal West of England Academy, Bristol 

Bristol Museum and Art Gallery